Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Colorado Scores Hat-Trick Against Fracking Flood of Misinformation with Two Moratoria and One Fracking Ban

To the Citizens of Colorado,

Today is a monumental victory where you, the good citizens of Colorado activated your authority by voting to prevent the heavily unregulated toxic, oil and gas industry from fracking in Fort Collins, Lafayette and Boulder. You faced off, against a sneaky, money hungry, multinational industry machine and you won! You were inundated like flood waters with misleading and disingenuous oil and gas information with the intent of using money to overpower your personal will and rights.  Yet in the face of over $1.3 million spent by this industry, you could not be silenced any longer.  You stood up to the industry and Governor Hickenlooper and said: ‘We've had enough toxic, unregulated industry, we are the government now.’

Your strong voice is the culmination of over four years of doing the right thing to protect your family, your neighborhood and the environment. You fought a powerful, misleading, industry that will bully you no more.  Fear them not, as they are non-human corporate entities with no regard for your or your health and safety. They have no heartbeat and only operate with dollar bills.

Today I am proud to be a Coloradan and proud to have fought by your side for a very long time. Governor Hickenlooper must listen to you now and your voice must grow louder each and every day. You have assisted your neighbors, reformed the iron fist governance and now you must protect what you have changed. You are all champions and I salute you all!

Lest any elected official hasn't heard our voice, your elections are coming up too and subject to our might.


Shane Davis

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