• “Shane Davis is a National Treasure” - Wade Davis, Explorer in Residence at the National Geographic Society, Ethnobotanist 

  • “Shane is my feet on the ground, and I trust him implicitly” – Dr. Theo Colborn – TEDX.org 

  • "Shane’s brilliant analysis of public information is heroism at an international scale." John Weiner J.D., Ph.D. CSU Professor

I data-mine to help the environment and humanity...

Shane Davis is a data-miner, activist, researcher, and the founder of Fractivist.org, an anti-fracking investigative blog about the Colorado Oil and Gas industry and the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Shane is a nationally recognized expert data-miner and analyzer of official oil and gas documents. He publishes expose` documents that illustrate how the government and the industry are continuing to harm the environment and local communities. His research and data have empowered dozens of grassroots organizations in many states which use it as a center piece for anti-fracking movements and public debates nationwide.
Shane has featured his data in hundreds of nationwide  public presentations he calls: “The Inconvenient Proof - a state of failures”. His creative methods of using official state data in public debates have the industry and the state calling him the “bane of the industry”. He says:’”If the state and the industry says the data is wrong, that’s ok too, because it’s their data.” 
Through his research projects, Shane has proven that one of Colorado’s aquifers was contaminated by oil and gas development and that numerous private water wells were contaminated. He has revealed that homes have been built on top of abandoned oil and gas wells that subsequently exploded, that groundwater contamination occurs at a staggering rate of over 40% in Weld County and 17% statewide, playgrounds have been built on-top of back-filled oil and gas industrial waste pits, and that millions of gallons of toxic chemicals have been spilled and never recovered from the environment.

Shane discovered a setback loophole which allows the oil and gas industry to set up operations closer to homes than required state setback mandates allow. LINK In 2012 Shane conducted a study session with the city of Loveland to include the Mayor, and showed them how they could create their own setbacks from oil and gas wells and to not allow the development of homes near them. Essentially, he demonstrated how cities could create their own protective setbacks from the fracking industry to ensure public health, safety and environment.
Shane has also been featured in many magazines and TV Shows to include: OUTSIDE, ORIGIN, TRUTHDIGSIERRA, Minds of MountainFilm, EcoWatch, Free Speech TV, Thom Hartman Show,  5280, OneEarth, Indian Country News, Fort Collins, Westword, Boulder Weekly, Tim Caffrey Show, Breakthrough Energy Movement, Intellectual Gentlemen's ClubElephant Journal, Talkupy - Blog Talk Radio Living Dialogues With Duncan Campbell and many more.

Shane has also technically advised or featured in numerous national and international film documentaries to include Dear President Obama, Shattered Ground, James Cameron's Years of Living Dangerously, Groundswell Rising, Greenpeace and others by, CANAL + 'Water Wars', UTC 360 'Keeping Heads Above Water' , HBO, Al Jazeera USA, NPR, Nickelodeon and SHOWTIME.  Shane plays the protagonist and narrator in the recently released Mountain Film documentary: 'Dear Governor Hickenlooper.' Look for Shane in Keri Pickett's new documentary 'First Daughter and the Black Snake' featuring Winona LaDuke.

Shane recently spoke at the United Nations Global Energy Summit COP21 in Paris, where leaders from 196 countries came together to find solutions to the current climate crisis.

Shane also  completed a 200 mile horseback ride with Honor The Earth's Winona LaDuke, protesting the Enbridge oil and gas Pipeline that was set to run through sacred native rice fields in Minnesota.

Shane leads workshops on methods of data extraction, how to analyze and use oil and gas data as a meaningful tool, map-making and various other critical techniques. He also organizes direct actions and peaceful demonstrations. Shane sits on many national organizational boards and advisory councils.
Shane is an avid hiker, musician, naturalist, and a former National Science Foundation Grant recipient in molecular genetics. 

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"The burning energy of fractivists world-wide will outlast all the UNnatural gas the industry could ever extract."



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Besuog: Thanks for your personal comment and interpretation of my intellect. However, your interpretation is your own and skewed it is. I am a scientist. An objective gatherer of data. If you read my posts you will learn that the data is solely the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commissions data and not mine. Therefore the liability rests upon them for their officially admitted failures.

    In order to arrive at a sound conclusion one must view all data absent of personal bias. Its an objective process. I only follow this path to arrive at what is revealed as far as factual data.

    One always argues the opposite and that is fine too. You might have your $, while I have data.

    Do note: Facts don't lie, oil and gas does.

    My data has NEVER been refuted by the State and or the industry. Period. If the State denies it and says it's wrong, that's fine too. It's their data. 8)


    1. Shane, what kind of scientist are you? Just wondering. Matter of fact, you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. I (hardly) think you are completely objective as much of the data you present can easily be misinterpreted. You (also) appear to be quite selective in some of your facts. Who have you spoken to from industry? Which COGCC representatives have you visited with? See, REAL science involves not just diligent & continued research but peer review. That limits bias. If you are a true scientist, you understand that. So why would you NOT be open to discussion with qualified individuals in the field to promote open communication & better understanding by all? Your data has NEVER been refuted? Wow, I really doubt that...

  3. I'll try to look at all your data over the weekend. After a brief tour, I find your site well organized. If I do an analysis of your findings, my intention will not be to try to convince you of anything. It would appear you (already) have your mind made up. As a long time regulatory professional in oil & gas, I'll just look at your data and potentially comment from a different perspective. This is one of the GREAT things about oil & gas. Can you name ANY other industry or endeavor in our entire country where (literally) almost every activity done is filed in such detail on public record? I think it is wonderful you get the opportunity to examine on-line documents and draw whatever conclusions you like. I would not have it (really) any other way. So, I'll look forward to taking a few minutes and getting a look at your work. By the way. I live in Boulder and I drink the same water & breath the same air as you do. You have no exclusive franchise on your reverance for the environment.

  4. I took about 20 minutes to look at your site in a bit more detail today. My impression, especially in view of your recent letter to the Sierra Club advocating a national moritorium on fracking is that you are indeed, clever. You are very selective with your facts and based on what I can tell, the oil & gas industry here in Colorado has (pretty much) given you a "hall pass" based on the lack of creditable feedback from ANYONE qualified to have an educated opinion about ground water, air, materials handling, downhole engineering, oil field operations or just about anything else. I see this very differently, but of course, I am an "industry shill" and obviously would not have any capacity at objectivity (I'm sure) in your view. RIGHT.

    Just one observation. I drove out Hwy 52 from my home in Boulder last week to go visit the Pawnee Buttes. Even though I have worked in the oil & gas industry 32 years (now) I remain an avid outdoorsman like many in this sector. As I was driving, I saw a lot of oil & gas locations & one thing was obvious (to me). Most of the locations I was looking at appeared to LONG preceed the nearby houses built right next to them. One of the (simple) things I've wondered about (especially) in Weld County is where is the responsibility of local planning boards & developers when they are siting residential housing, schools & commercial buildings? I don't believe ALL that "clutter" around those wells is exclusively the fault of oil & gas operators.

    In closing, I have to tip my cap to your efforts. Even though I believe the industry is not the COMPLETE EVIL EMPIRE you seem to paint it as you certainly are a man of your convictions. Well, I go to work every day as a regulatory manager with JUST as much conviction as you have to see my company remains in compliance with a myriad of federal, state & local rules & regulations. I believe (and practice) in responsible, orderly & safe development. It's not an easy job. So, my last comment would be the old slogan "careful what you wish for." You may just be successful in getting ALL fossil fuels shut down. I'd suggest you (then) turn your CLOCK back to about 1900, because that is what the United States will begin to look like pretty quickly once you've accomplished your mission. I'd rather see a rational & intellegent debate on national energy policy and REAL alternatives but I guess that is too much to hope for in these times of polarization in America...

    1. Randy,
      It appears that you have a bit of conscience that you are trying to reason away...(i.e. "industry not COMPLETE EVIL EMPIRE"... therefore you can sleep sound at night?) Also, your comment about shutting down all oil and gas and returning to 1900 is a false choice. It's not at matter of either full tilt gas and oil development or back to the pioneer days. There are other alternatives, being demonstrated by other developed countries like Germany. Germany has far less sun than we do, yet they get a respectable amount of their energy from solar. So there are alternatives; it is a matter of political/$ mire that we are not aggressively pursuing them.

    2. Jennifer, one of my co-workers just returned from Germany. A lot of ordinary folks can't afford to heat thier homes because they (now) have some of the HIGHEST electricity rates in the industrialized world. Many people are returning to burning WOOD. No joke. Last I saw, Germany is building EIGHT (or more) coal plants to replace the nuclear reactors they are taking off-line. You can verify the facts at IEA or several other reputable (independent) sources if you'd like. So, I am not quite sure I'd cite Germany as the 'poster child" for alternative energy at this juncture.

      I (really) am not "reasoning away" anything as I sleep soundly. While awake, I am seeking REASON with individuals who (many) don't really understand what their REAL choices are when it comes to energy. Despite what the Sierra Club tells you, we are NOT "Beyond Coal"..."Beyond Nuclear" and "Beyond Oil & Gas." They are way ahead of the technology & hard facts as to what it'll take to transition this nation & all other advanced countries off fossil fuels in the decades to come. I'd like to see a sensible, thoughtful & well-informed debate. Talking about "alternatives" when it comes to fuel & electricity is great. BIG problem is you have to solve the physics before you get there and you have to couple that effort with environmental stewardship. TOUGH challenge. From my perspective, this arena has (regrettably) gotten a bit confused. This looks like a responsible job for the science & engineering dept...NOT the DRAMA dept...RV


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