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Boulder County Commissioner's Fail to Respond to Questions Regarding Seismic Testing Conducted by the Fracking Industry in Boulder County - Did they participate?

Below is the email with specific questions for the Boulder County Commissioners to answer regarding the seismic operations that appear to have occurred within Boulder County. I submitted my questions via email to the three commissioners on 17 December 2017 some thirty-six day ago. I received an email confirmation that they are in-fact, in receipt of my email and questions, but I have not received a response to date. Crickets…

It is important that all environmental advocates and associated organizations ask the very same questions I have asked and hold the Boulder County Commissioner’s accountable.

Please copy and email the questions below and send to:


Boulder County Commissioners, Elise Jones, Cindy Domenico, and Deb Gardner:

I am providing you public information sourced from the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s website database: compiled on my blog page for your review: Were Seismic Operations Conducted by the Oil and Gas Industry in Boulder County? Supporting Documents May Reveal Answers 

The information compiled appears to clearly illustrate oil and gas seismic operations took place in three separate areas in Boulder County Colorado (BOCO).  Supporting COGCC documents: Form 20 and Form 20A, state and oil and gas industry mapping also illustrates  these activities took place in Boulder County.

I would like you to answer these questions in a timely manner please.

1.       Do you have access to the information I have provided regarding the COGCC documentation authorizing seismic testing operations in Boulder County?

2.       Did you three commissioners, in whole or individually, have any form of knowledge of seismic activity, permitting, Form 20,20A, mapping, operator information in Boulder County during your active role as a commissioner?

3.       Do you have any digital and or hardcopy correspondence from the three of you, to include the former Commissioner Will Toor,  to and from the COGCC , Anadarko Petroleum Inc., Encana Oil and Gas, Extraction Oil and Gas Inc., and/or their associated industry contractors regarding seismic testing operations within the boundaries of Boulder County Colorado during the time-frames before, during and after the testing dates listed in the COGCC documents provided?  Please accept this as a formal request to obtain all documentation regarding these specific issues from January 2012  through December 2018.

4.       Did Boulder County  planning and zoning, legal team et al,  have  any form of knowledge or information, such as but not limited to; email correspondence, mapping, COGCC communication, oil and gas industry documentation regarding the documented seismic activities by the documented oil and gas industry operators and or their contractors?

5.       Did Boulder County update any mapping systems or datasets to include seismic operations and all associated data on the Form 20/20A and any additional data pertinent to the seismic operations? If so, please provide details to include links to mapping systems and or public data sets.

6.       If an oil and gas operator and their seismic contractors were to want to conduct shale seismic testing/operations in Boulder County, what would be the procedure to do so? Please describe the operational flowchart of requirements, documentation, agencies and people involved to obtain permissions to conduct seismic testing operations in Boulder County.

7.       Do you recognize Boulder County as a location for seismic activities on the mapping, Form 20 and Form 20A that I have provided to you?

8.       If Boulder County approved seismic testing operations would you receive the 2D and 3D surface maps created by the oil and gas operators conducting such a test?

9.       Do you have any additional information you can provide to me for the three areas and operators that have already conducted seismic activities in Boulder County? If so, please accept this as a request for that information.

Thank you for your time and assistance with my requests. Please see attached supporting documents and links.

I look forward to hearing from you in a timely manner.

Shane Davis
Boulder County


Shane Davis


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