Friday, April 28, 2017

FIREstone Colorado - A Visual Tour of the Fracking Invasion in Your Backyard: WARNING

The short piece below was filmed in 2014 but is more relevant now than any other time. It was filmed in Firestone, Colorado where I lived for two years and eventually got out! 

My deep condolences to the Martinez and Irwin families for their tragic loss and continued suffering. There is nothing that can replace your loss.

I have no doubt whatsoever, this tragedy could have been prevented if we had a state governing agency that was balanced and put public health, safety and welfare first. Oil and gas operations should never be in neighborhoods and houses should never be built around fracking well-pads. 

It appears the State of Colorado and bloated greedy fracking industry have questions to answer. And the victims families and public have many questions.

I have been warning every city council member, county commissioner, mayor, senator, governor and everyone at hundreds of public presentations across Colorado for seven years, that a catastrophe would happen because of the shocking failure rates of the state and oil and gas industry.

In 2012, on record, I gave a formal fracking industry presentation to the COGCC on the dangers of oil and gas operations in and around neighborhoods LINK to Matt Lepore Director, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC).

I explained that the proposed 500' setback was not adequate enough to protect human life. I further explained  that oil and gas should never be in or near neighborhoods and the risk of a catastrophe was imminent.

Mr. Lepore did not care at all what I had to say. In fact, he and his oil and gas cronies had likely already decided fracking industry operations would happen no matter what and nothing I had to say would make a difference.

I also explained that home explosions from migrating gas is not a possibility, but a probability and that the State Oil and Gas Commission has already documented cases where homes have exploded and in many cases, explosive levels of methane seeped into dozens of homes that had to be evacuated before an explosion occured. 

This is not an anti-fracking movement, but rather a civil rights movement.Our civil rights to safety have been stripped from us. We, the people, can no longer protect ourselves from the state or fracking industry. The COGCC, Governor Hickenlooper and the oil and gas industry chose oil and gas over community health, safety and environment. Shame on them.

We must stand up against a rogue industry, and fight for our lives and the lives that were tragically lost.  The State of Colorado, Governor Hickenlooper and the COGCC appear to have have failed to protect us and it appears they had reckless disregard for our safety. 

Always remember: "The only promise the oil and gas industry and an oily politician will give you is a lie." 

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Shane Davis



Monday, April 17, 2017


1101 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, CO 80302


Dear City Council, City of Boulder, Colorado:

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) (Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies), has a duty under the Colorado Constitution to find a practical, doable path to municipalization. Because that is what the citizens of Boulder County and of Colorado are seeking, and we have a Constitutional right to municipalize.

Municipalization: is the transfer of corporations or other assets to municipal ownership. The transfer may be from private ownership (usually by purchase) or from other levels of government. It is the opposite of privatization and is different from nationalization.

Xcel Energy is a private entity and does not have any duty of any kind to encourage or assist a city, county, state to become a municipal utility. This being said, the City of Boulder must block Xcel Energy’s privatization of its utility. Xcel Energy has opposed and withheld, and willfully failed to cooperate.

The reason it has taken six years to get to this trial that is about to start is exclusively what appears to be, Xcel Energy’s deliberate obstructionism. Thus, the very reason it is essential that the City and County of Boulder move forward with this scheduled trial, because whatever obstacles the PUC  may try to put into our path, they are subject to scrutiny both by the legislature and the courts.

Shane Davis

"Perfection is Energy Democracy, and We are the Energy of Change that Can Make it Happen."

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