Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oil Company blames problems at Windsor drill site on neighbors

Written by
Bobby Magill

The timing is awfully coincidental, and that’s partly why an oil company is blaming its neighbors in the River West subdivision for getting its Windsor drilling operation in trouble with state regulators.

Ranchers Exploration Partners’ landman Lloyd Richards said Friday he believes the medical waste a state inspector found on its “Retta J 1” oil drilling site in eastern Larimer County was a setup.

“We believe it was deliberately planted there,” Richards said.

On July 11, Ranchers sent a letter to River West residents updating them on progress in drilling the Retta J 1 well, where the state declared a public health emergency after waste from the nearby closed landfill, owned by Thomas and Retta Johnston, was exposed as the company began drilling earlier this year.

The letter, sent to the Coloradoan by River West residents, said Ranchers had been cleared of wrongdoing by the state and that the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission made a mistake in halting its drilling operation there.

The next day, on July 12, a COGCC inspector arrived at Ranchers’ drilling site on a hill overlooking River West homes and found at least three medical syringes on the drilling pad and numerous problems with stormwater drainage and erosion.

The company met with COGCC officials on Thursday, prompting Richards to claim that all the problems at the drilling site have been resolved or are being corrected.


Over a year ago I was at the town hall meeting where Bob Ward of Ranchers Exploration got smashed with questions from the audience.  Mr. Ward  promised $$$$$ for the landowners to sell their rights etc...  Needless to say, Ranchers Exploration could not answer the questions. The public was so frustrated at times, that they even shouted their disgust and anger.

I find it very appalling that Ranchers Exploration has pointed the finger at the public for what appears to be, failures of yet another oil and gas operator.

Cure: Get the frackers out of our neighborhoods once and for all! Heavy industry does not belong next to our livelihoods. The oil and gas industry has taken away our wayS of life, contaminated our water, poisoned our air and yet they continue to spew epic lies to the public.  There are no reasons at all  that the oil and gas industry should be exempt from so many Federal exemptions.  




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