Monday, December 10, 2012

Angela Monti-Fox - The Mother's Project Responds to Boulder County Direct Action

Statement of support for Boulder Colorado citizens organizing against a hydrafracting invastion by the oil & gas industry.
As the brave citizens of Boulder Colorado oppose unjust laws, which if they were implemented would lead to wholesale devastation of the one of Colorado’s most beautiful and life sustaining counties, opposition to their bravery mounts as the oil and gas  industry attempts to discredit and undermine their efforts. 
As a person who has personally witnessed the health destroying aspects, especially for children, of hydraulic fracturing in places like Erie, Colorado, Bradford County Pennsylvania and Pavilion Wyoming through the contamination of fresh drinking water, I commend and support the people of Boulder in their attempt to protect their lives and the lives of their children.
These are ordinary citizens whose character is without question.  Any attempt to portray them as other then who they are is a discredit to our democracy and to our right to assemble and defend ourselves against injustice.
Respectfully sumitted,
Angela Monti Fox, Founder
 Angela Monti Fox, M.S., LCSW
Phone: 646 519 1076
Facebook: Mothers for Sustainable Energy
Facebook: TheMothersProject.OrgColorado-mothers for sustainable energy

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