Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fort Collins appears to have had a council member fooling the people on the local ban

I am speaking on behalf of an anti-fracking organization located, but not limited to Colorado.

We, the people of Fort Collins, are stunned by what appears to be, a visual case of 'behind closed doors agreements' with the oil and gas industry. If this is true, then it's a sad situation of an elected official being persuaded by industry wealth over the health and welfare of the citizens you are sworn to protect.

A ban is a ban. If you haven't the spine to represent the people and use their tax dollars to fight against the oppressive regulatory body ( Attorney General), from the real adverse impacts of the oil and gas industry, then you should step down immediately.

The health and welfare of the citizens of Fort Collins, Colorado should never take a back seat to any industry's wealth.

As it appears to the public, you may have  flip-flopped and are now working for the special interests of the oil & gas industry. Do you not find it in yourself to recognize good, peer reviewed science to arrive at objective findings that clearly show the toxicity this industry has on the environment and human health? Do you not recognize your decisions may have a direct role in the detrimental outcome of the environment and those inhabiting it?

Your stance has now gone global. Our distribution centers have launched an entire campaign that consist of millions of readers in all 50 states and in dozens of countries.  We want you to answer to the people as to why you choose to not stand for a ban. We want you to recognize you have politically and publicly marginalized yourself. We, the people, will not stop asking you good faith questions as to why you appear to have chosen special interest over the interests of the citizens of Fort Collins.

Our campaign began last night and it may very well  include an official recall of your elected capacity.

In good faith by, and for the people.

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