Thursday, June 20, 2013

On July 8th, Gasland Part II will be beamed into nearly 40 million homes on HBO. Is yours one?

Gasland, A Film By Josh Fox

On July 8th, Gasland Part II will be beamed into nearly 40 million homes on HBO. ..

Gasland Part II is really about you: Across America, people are waking up to the dangers of fracking.  As the risks become clearer, moms and dads, farmers and city slickers, Democrats and Republicans; they are all raising their voices and asking questions.  You are part of that growing movement and, together, we are having an impact.

But the oil and gas companies are buying time on our airwaves and buying influence in the halls of our governments. You can't turn on the TV without seeing their commercials, and all too often our politicians trumpet their talking points.

Despite their money and their lobbyists, their efforts to hide the truth wont work.  That's because no amount of advertising or campaign contributions will stop gas wells from leaking into our aquifers or their dangerous greenhouse gases from erupting into our air. Nothing can stop the truth from coming out.

And that's where we need you.

Gasland Part II will do a lot to change the national narrative, but we've always been a grassroots movement.  But not without your help, and not without your support.

We need to help local groups that are on the frontlines of the frack fight. We need to uncover and spread the word about new stories and new evidence of the harm fracking is doing to our communities. And we need to produce new videos.

So we need your help.  Consider a contribution to keep this momentum going.

Your donations go directly to help with production costs for our video projects and spreading awareness. It is only through your continued support that we can continue this fight.  Even a donation as little as $10 goes along way to ensuring that your natural resources remain exactly that, yours - but if you want to donate more, by all means, do!


Lee Ziesche
Grassroots Coordinator

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