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Jared Polis - Complaint Filed at COGCC for Uninhabitable Atmosphere - official docx


COGIS - Complaint Reports
Form 18/18A                                                   
Date Rec'd:7/23/2013Complaint taken by:  MARGARET ASH
DocNum:200383514Facility ID:  432945
Complaint Type:
Complainant Information
Name:Jared Polis
Address:19997 County Road 5   , CO 
Date Received:7/23/2013
Connection to Incident:NEARBY LANDOWNER
Description of Complaint:
Oper. No.
Date of Incident:7/23/2013
Type of Facility:LOCATION
Fac. NameHornung
County Name:
Operator contact:
qtrqtr: NWNWsection: 28township: 4Nrange: 68Wmeridian: 1

Complaint Issue
Issue:     LIGHTINGAssigned To:    MARGARET ASHStatus:     In Process
Description:Bright lights

Issue:     NOISEAssigned To:    MARGARET ASHStatus:     In Process
Description:Evening of July 21, 2013 - extremely loud noise. See scanned document #20038511 for further description. Bright lights persisted throughout evneing.

Issue:     ODORAssigned To:    MARGARET ASHStatus:     In Process
Description:Odors: Horrible pungent odor

Other Notifications
Date:    7/24/2013Agency:    COGCCContact:    JIM PRECUP
Response or Details
Margaret Ash contacted Jim Precup at 8:24 am. Discussed complaint details (odor, noise, lights, provided well name and location, complaint received July 23, 2013 at 12:40 via facsimile. Complaint occurred evening of July 21, 2013. Jim scheduled site visit for July 24, 2013.
Date:    7/24/2013Agency:    OGCCContact:    JIM PRECUP
Response or Details
Jim Precup conducted site inpsection (COGCC #665400651) on July 24, 2014. No odors were identified except engine exhaust. Noise survey couldnot be conducted due to wind contions. However Jim did work with Jay Pade - Sundance representive on noise mitigiation - fork lift operation and installation of noise wall on, north west side of location. Water trucks will be used to control dust. Mr. Pape will review position of lights and change if neccessarily and doing so will not create unsafe workin conditions. Jim Precup will visit site on 7-25-2013 and will conduct noise survey is conditions permit.


Thursday, August 08, 2013

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