Monday, February 24, 2014

Rex Tillerson Chairman & CEO Exxon Mobile may be Demonstrating the Legal Definition of 'Takings' Applies to Both the Industry and the Citizens.

Is this the case?

This case would certainly set a foundation for all communities to sue with takings as 'standing.' Could Colorado citizens and other fracked states file a class action lawsuit for 'takings' because our ways of life have been harmed/reduced and or taken away?

What are your thoughts?

LINK to official legal petition

1 comment:

  1. It's actually even worse than that. Mr. Tillerson is not fighting fracking near his home, he is fighting a water tower that will hold CLEAN water to be used later in fracking. Mr. Tillerson will not be exposed to air pollution, or any of the rest of it. Just the visuals of the tower and the large number of trucks coming through. Yet this alone will harm his property value, which he is entitled to while the rest of us are not.


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