Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Two Homes Built On Top of a 34 Year Old Abandoned Oil and Gas Well-Bore and Liquid Waste Evaporation Pit in Longmont Colorado?

According to data from the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), it appears that the LeFevre 1-17 (gas well), with a total vertical depth of 7,075 feet was drilled in 1982 by Martin Exploration with the GPS location of 40.139756 - 105.143321 and facility ID #206626.

This location indicates that the abandoned well is in the backyard of a Longmont, Colorado resident located at: 3464 Larkspur Drive.

Abandoned gas well appears to be in home owner's back-yard (bottom left) and an abandoned  liquid waste evaporation pit in another home owner's yard (3465 Larkspur Drive)

The LeFevre 1-17 oil and gas well-casing is thirty four years old, and according a comprehensive study conducted by Schlumberger Oil and Gas, 'uncontrolled migration of hydrocarbons to the surface has been a challenge to the oil and gas industry.'

Oil and Gas Operator 'Couldn't Find Well' - that seems to be a problem

The Schlumberger well-casing failure study shows that 'gas migration, also called annular flow, can lead to sustained casing pressure (SCP), which can be characterized as the development of annular pressure at the surface that can be bled to zero, but then builds again.' This is an indication of an unstable zonal isolation below ground. Imagine an explosive gas hiccup that could occur at any moment without warning.

Sustained casing pressure of plugged and abandoned wells are a significant problem affecting many wells around the world and the age of the the well-casing has a direct correlation to failure rates. Sixty percent of all well-casing studied that were 28 years old had experienced fluid/gas migrations or (SCP).

Schlumberger well casing failure study LINK

All well-casings fail over time and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, (COGCC), and Governor John Hickenlooper know the inherent dangers they are forcing on the public, and should never allow the development of homes on-top or even near these potential catastrophic hazards.

Their actions are reckless endangerment at the highest level, and the home owners are innocently unaware of the willful acts of those involved that continue to maximize profit at the peril of citizens.

Sadly, last month in Firestone, a fatal house explosion killed two men by an explosion caused by a flow-line seeping methane into the basement of the home that ignited. This tragedy could have been prevented, and all future catastrophes can be prevented if the state acts in a manner consistent with public health, safety and environment with regards to oil and gas development.

If, according to the oil and gas giant Schlumberger, 60% of all well casings that are 28 years old fail and allow gases and liquids to migrate outwards, potentially into homes, how many more incidents like Firestone will occur and is your home next?

Application to Permit to Drill


Oil and gas evaporation pits are used by the industry to dump their liquid industrial waste fluids.  An evaporation pit is created by digging a hole into the earth and for liquid waste disposal through evaporation.

Most of the evaporation pits were crude, unlined (earthen) holes in the ground where much of the heavy chemicals sank to the bottom and leached into the ground while the lighter chemicals evaporated into the airspace above.

What a criminal way to dispose of toxic byproducts. The industry has always found ways of making money at the expense of public health, safety and environment.

Evaporation pits in use and then back-filled (covered up) Click Image

The questions are: Do you have a well under or near your home? Do you have a right to know if your home was developed in an area with abandoned oil and gas wells? Should the state be liable for allowing your home to be build on-top or near an abandoned oil and gas well?

Contact me and I'll let you know if you have an abandoned oil and gas well or evaporation pit under or near your home.

By the way, what's the blast radius of a well-bore blowout?

Sign petition to immediately halt all oil and gas activity in residential neighborhoods.


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