Sunday, November 12, 2017

What's Hiding Under Your Home? Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells in Firestone, CO

Here is a sneak peek as to what's under your home in Firestone, Colorado.

Firestone received international attention as the location of the deadly home explosion that killed two men and injured others. And just weeks after, four miles North, a second deadly explosion killed one man and sent others to a burn center when a tank holding approximately 4,000 gallon of highly flammable oil and gas exploded.

The City of Firestone has some explaining to do to its community residents as to why they appear to have allowed residential homes to be built on top or near abandoned oil and gas well site locations.

The City of Firestone immediately blocked me on Twitter because I was sharing 'right to know' information to its residents. What are you hiding Firestone?

Did the home owners ever know they were purchasing a home that was built on top of an abandoned oil and gas well?

I demonstrated in June of 2012, to the City of Loveland's Mayor, Gutierrez, that it is morally and ethically reckless to allow the development and sale of homes on top or near abandoned wells, but it appears that this 'Setback Loophole' favors the oil and gas industry and home developers and not public health, safety, welfare and environment.

This is not an oversight, it's a designed loophole that appears to be willful and negligent.

What say you Mr. Mayor of Firestone? Shall I walk door to door with a map of your City and explain to the residents that it appears public safety information may have been withheld from them? Or rather, the potential for catastrophe was approved by the City?

The citizens have a right to know if someone has marginalized their safety and that of their family.

Do the residents of Firestone know the City of Firestone appears to have approved the reckless development in pursuit of money over safety?

The maps below are a snippet of oil and gas locations in Firestone, CO. The data was derived from the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission's GIS website.

Mr. Mayor, it looks like your home and other homes in your neighborhood appear to be in some form of danger.

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Firestone Mayor, Sorensen and Mayor Pro-Tem, Bobbi Sindelar live in a neighborhood with what appears to be, abandoned oil and gas wells under homes.

Directional Locations (well-bore locations under ground in Firestone, CO)

Planned development of Coal Ridge Middle School 2002

Development of Coal Ridge Middle School complete

Subsurface locations of well-bores indicating it lies beneath Coal Ridge Middle School

Distances of oil and gas - heavy industry (dangerous equipment) near areas of special concern.


  1. OMG!! What kind of world do we live in where public officials can make decisions that will no-doubt harm citizens? Shane, your work is amazing, and the world should know about it!

    Mary W.

  2. Atrocious! I wonder what the nearby homes in Frederick are sitting on? Greed runs rampant in the tri-county area!

  3. Atrocious! I wonder what the neighboring homes in Frederick are sitting on? Greed runs rampant in the tri-county area!


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