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Boulder County: Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells In Residential Areas, Near Elementary School and Seismic Permitting Already Underway

My late mentor Dr. Theo Colborn, Founder and President Emerita of The Endocrine Disruption Exchange once said: 

“Deep inside everyone, there is something bigger and stronger than we are aware of at this time that cannot be suppressed by man-made chemicals... something... that will prompt some very exceptional leadership to step forward with the courage to turn off corporate control of the government and the world -- and take back for society what it needs to thrive.”

Is Boulder County preparing to allow the fracking industry to destroy Boulder County as we once knew it? 

Will Boulder County Commissioners stand up against the oil and gas industry for the health, safety, welfare of our community and environment?  Will Boulder County 'politicians' become desensitized tools of the industry and allow reckless endangerment of hazardous industry to drill next to our homes, forcing the prices of homes to plummet, allowing a myriad of negative impacts on human health, and even Boulder County Open Space to be contaminated?

Will Boulder County 'politicians' become 'public servants' and step forward with courage to turn off corporate control and protect what Boulder County needs to thrive? 

Below is a historic overview of oil and gas activities in Boulder County. I can't help but think of the Firestone home explosion that killed two innocent men and injured others.  Home prices tanked, People could not sell their homes. Children and their parents were afraid to live in their community for fear of another catastrophic event caused by the fracking industry.

Are Boulder County Commissioners prepared to answer the questions I have laid out in this piece?

Boulder, Colorado: Abandoned oil and gas wells near and under homes.

Linden Avenue: Four abandoned oil & gas wells near or under homes along the foothills. Do the property owners know? Were the abandoned oil and gas wells disclosed to the home buyer upon purchase? Does their insurance company know of these potential hazards?

Linden Drive: 3735 Wild Plum Court Boulder, CO 80304
Abandoned oil and gas well -1936. Maxwell #2 API 013-60015
No mechanical integrity test on record. There are no records indicating flow-line pressure tests were ever conducted.

555 Jack Pine Court Boulder, Colorado 
Abandoned oil and gas well on property - 1936
Maxwell #1 API 013-60014
Status UNKNOWN. No mechanical integrity test on record.
There are no records indicating flow-line pressure tests were ever conducted.

Howard Heuston Park - Trail
Abandoned oil & gas well - 1930 FOSTE #1 API 013-05010
Status UNKNOWN - No mechanical integrity test on record.
There are no records indicating flow-line pressure tests were ever conducted.

Boulder Colorado: Kalmia and 28th Street (top left). Abandoned oil & gas well on property at  'The Boulders Apartments Homes'. Abandoned oil and gas well - 1930

COGCC Inspection form states: "Location ID 379964 with the following well API:013-60011 has no evidence of disturbance based off field observations. Location is now apartment housing. Refer to attached photo in Doc.#682401153"

CLICK TO ENLARGE: 2016 COGCC Inspection report for abandoned oil and
gas well on 'The Boulders Apartment Homes' property.
COGCC states: Abandoned well location is now The Boulder Apartment Homes

The Boulder Apartment Homes Continued: CLICK TO ENLARGE

I have three questions:

1. How does the COGCC inspect an abandoned  oil and gas well they cannot find?

2 . Why is this specific inspection listed as 'PASSED' with no follow-up inspection required thus releasing the operator's bond?'

3. Do the citizens of The Boulders Apartment Homes know of an existing  abandoned oil and gas well on their property which may be a potential danger to their health, safety and welfare?

Creekside Elementary School is located ~100' from an abandoned oil and gas well (date unknown). The name of the abandoned oil and gas well is: Martin #1 API: 013-05003 and in the backyard of 3755 Martin Drive Boulder, CO 80305.

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation (COGCC) documents state: 'Location of well is in residential housing are. Unable to find evidence of oil and gas activities and/or disturbances.'

Inspection passed because there was 'nothing to see here folks.' The deadly explosion in Firestone also did not have evidence of oil and gas activities or disturbances.
3755 Martin Drive Boulder, Colorado location of abandoned oil and gas well. 
~100' from Creekside Elementary School. Abandoned oil and gas well listed as 'plugged' but there are no records at the COGCC confirming the well was in-fact plugged.

Boulder County overview of abandoned oil and gas well locations.

Teal blue areas indicate 'seismic testing'  into Boulder County. Black vertical line indicates Boulder County to the West and Weld County to the East. Red dots indicate oil and gas well locations.

It appears Boulder County Commissioners have given permission to Anadarko Oil and Gas, Extraction Oil and Gas and Encana Oil and Gas to conduct seismic operations, testing the shale before filing for drilling permits. 

Will Boulder County forever become ruin?

Will Boulder County Commissioners take the advice of one of the world's most prominent women in science and humanity and seek the courage to stand on the right side of humanity and history? 

Out with politicians, in with public servants.

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  1. Oh my god! The unraveling of the establishment. The unraveling of the collusion between state and industry. The unraveling between industry and politicians.

    Take em down Shane!


  2. Thank you so much for this,Fractivist. How can we see those permits for seismic testing in Boulder County?

  3. Thank you for your work Shane! What you do is amazing! We need you in PA!

    Kelley H.

  4. Cindy, Deb and Elise: We are watching you very carefully. Any slip on your part and we will stage an all-out recall year after year until you are gone and replaced with our own kind. We will always outlast you!

  5. I donated! Thank you. Can you show us Greeley??

    Susan Cline

  6. How did the frackers test the shale without Boulder County knowing? Unless Boulder County was involved.


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