Monday, July 15, 2013

Which side of the road are you on?

Have you ever driven through Weld County before and noticed the toxic wasteland that riddles its once beautiful agricultural area? Did you notice the more than 20,000 active oil and gas wells that are mere feet from homes, hospitals, playgrounds, dairy farms and more? While keeping this in mind, let's not forget that 43% of all operator spills in Weld County resulted in groundwater contamination and millions of gallons of toxic liquid industrial waste has never been recovered from the environment. Those toxic chemicals are still in the environment.

Weld County has been a poor leader in preventing adverse environmental and human health impacts from the largely unregulated oil & gas industry. Although Weld County purports its receiving tens of millions in revenue from mining activities, still one of every four children go hungry according to the Weld County Food Bank. Property values will plummet, groundwater contaminations will continue to rise, and there is no doubt that the residents of  Weld County are discreetly being 'gassed' from the hundreds of tons of volatile organic compounds and hydrocarbon vapors that are being released annually.

The industry and the state continue to say: 'There are no adverse health effects, they are anecdotal, and the air is fine.' This statement is without merit on all levels. The people that are experiencing burning eyes, sore throats, headaches, GI problems, and more are not being listened to. They are 'observing' these types of issues while physically being in Weld County. The 'observations' appear to subside when the person has an extended stay outside of Weld County. Anecdotal?

Question: Which side of the road do you want to live on? The  un-colonized side, or the toxic unregulated wasteland? If you are a resident of Larimer County and want to help protect it from fracking, please contact me to get started. fractivist@ gmail dot com

One last thing: Governor John Hickenlooper, you cannot have 'both' without putting a fence around 'one.'


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email fractivist@ gmail dot com to help save Larimer County.


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